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13-15 February

Bokkerijders Challenge 2015. Baal, Brabant, Belgium

15 March

Crapadeuche Trophy 2015

4-6 April

Morvan TT Deuches, France

28 July - 2 August

21 World Meeting 2CV Friends, Poland

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Barbour4x4.com is the official distributor for Quaife Citroen 2CV Differentials

Welcome to the site for all things Louis Barbour. Here you will be able to see how the now famous Louis Barbour four wheel drive 2CV's are developed and built. Louis and co-founders Richard Knight and Rupert Potts aim to fulfill the needs of tomorrows 2CV drivers, be it raid or 4x4; a company ready to take the challenge further, in the spirit of the 2CV.

By combining our skills and drawing on invaluable advice and feedback from customers and friends, we aim to set up and produce the best 2CV 4x4 by far. A new lighter chassis, stronger purpose built rear differentials, quieter transmissions and a whole host of smaller yet unseen products, such as twin ball joint front arms, tuned stainless steel exhaust systems and several reinforcement parts for raid cars, are some of the new developments we are working on.

See how the cars have been tested for strength and capability over the past twenty five years; not only in the UK but worldwide from the Arctic Circle to Australia. Our continental dealer Pierre Focant is at the forefront of promoting our products and is ready to assist all our French speaking customers and friends.

With over 30 years of combined 2CV knowledge and a growing team we aim to meet the challenge.

Louis, Richard and Rupert would like to thank you for visiting our new site and welcome any queries you may have.

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